Friday, January 28, 2011

{Kitty Crayons???}

Kitty Crayons from Meg

Look at these cute little kitty crayons I received from my wonderful friend, Megan!! Aren't they just so cute!?!?!

Kitty Crayons from Meg
(Crayons from KittyBabyLove on etsy)

Monday, January 17, 2011

{A Giveaway from Camille}

Camille's book giveaway.

There is a rumor going around that Camille is doing an awesome giveaway over on her blog. I was reluctant to post about it in hopes that no one would notice it and I would end up the big winner. BUT I decided to be a good person and let everyone know about it. (That and if I posted it on my blog, I got an extra entry). So,... go check it out! It's a good one, you won't be sorry ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Holiday Baking}

OLD Cookbook

I know this post is slightly overdue,.... but better late than never right? I just had to share these pictures. My Mom and I did some holiday baking when I went home for Christmas. I think we got a little too ambitious,.... I was only home for 4 days and we had what seemed like hundreds of cookies that we wanted to make!

Old Recipe

Spritz Dough

Food Dye for Spritz

Green Spritz Dough

This is the dough for Spritz that I died green and red,..... and then we never made. :)

OLD Cookbook

Check out this OLD cookbook that my Mom has! I photographed this page because I remember it from my childhood. I always thought those Galaxy Cookies were sooooo neat looking and always wanted to make them, but we never did. I guess we will have to get on that, just for fun one day.

OLD Cookbook

We were also going to make these Rosettes,.... never did. :)

OLD Cookbook


This is the making of Rozki. Super Secret Recipe,.... sorry.


Date Nut Filled

And these are Date Filled Cookies. YUM.

It appears that I never took any pictures of the actual baked cookies. Not sure what happened there, sorry about that, but you can imagine what these turned out like,.... yup, DELICIOUS.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{We're Having A,....}

Blue Frosting

So I made cupcakes! :) Aren't they adorable? I have already spent way too much time online searching for the perfect fabric for his room. Can't wait to meet this little guy! :)

Chocolate chip cupcakes

White Chip Cupcakes

Blue Frosting


Blue Frosting

{Little Man Parker}

Parker Hat

This little man is Parker. Isn't he sooo cute?? I did pictures with a friend of mine and her family for some Christmas gifts a month or so ago and Parker was a great subject!


Parker & Mom

Right in the middle of the shoot, he fell fast asleep on the rug on the floor. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. After his little power nap we were able to get some more fabulous smiles.


#1 Fan

Parker Feet


Congrats on your beautiful little boy Jen & Pete! :)