Saturday, April 14, 2012


Funny story,... kinda. Last night I had this post allllll ready. I had all 7 million of these pictures linked up and a short little description about how I have been so busy/stressed/overwhelmed/exhausted recently trying to get everything ready for the Flea this weekend. And about how I was even falling asleep typing the post,... then when I hit publish it brought me to the login page like I was never here and never created the post in the first place. Then I thought I dreamed the whole thing!

But, alas, it was all real. I haven't been taking too many "real" pictures the last couple weeks, just some in Instagram,... so I give you my "Insta-Overload" Enjoy!


The park is looking extra lovely right now.

Stippling on Hushabye

I wore makeup today!


Finally found a ladder for my quilts!  Actually, I found TWO, for $25 (total) on Craigslist!

My first grannies

#photoadayapril. Color. There's a lot of that in my studio but this is what I'm currently working on.


Pinning Neptune.

Vintage Modern charms. Oh yeah.

Stippling on those grannies!

Binding on Hushabye by Tula Pink. Noticing a trend here?

Stippling on Neptune by Tula Pink


This evening has been brought to you by @aneelahoey

My shadow. I'm a little out of order here. #photoadayapril

A long way from home.

Whole cloth quilt


Carrollton square

There's something really cool in there....



Snuggle baby



Quilt tops



Getting into trouble

Shop sign