Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{My New, Old Machine}


Well, that is just a lovely sight, no?

Let me tell you a little story of how I acquired this beauty.

When I was young, I used to both babysit for and go to church with a nice nice lady. Her family moved away and I recently re-connected with her on Facebook. I remember sewing with her and the other church ladies on Saturdays to make quilts for donation,... and making homemade ice cream too! :) Anyway, she mentioned that she had a few sewing machines that she never used and I offered to buy one from her.

"Life is too short" she told me and the next thing I knew I was in possession of a wonderful gift! You read that right! GIFT. She gave me this Bernina sewing machine just for no reason at all.



I have to be honest. I have had it for a really long time. It went to my mother's house when I was still living in Maryland and sat there for months until I came back to Texas. My two favorite features of this machine are the hands free foot lifter and the pedal tap needle-down. After using this machine, I wonder how I was ever sewing on anything else. I will save my first sewing machine because I have made a lot of beauties with that little Singer,... but I am loving my sweet gift and am even more eager to get sewing. I will cherish it and create on it in honor of such a sweet lady.


To say a little "Thank you" I whipped up this little mini wonky star quilt.



I hope to make a larger size quilt with these pretty little stars, they were fun and easy!


Friends, I am off to HAWAII for a week! Yes,... Hawaii,... you can be jealous, I would be ;) Looking forward to beautiful weather, some zip lining, swimming, beaches, and a super fun wedding. I will over load you with pictures when we get back.


Friday, August 19, 2011

{Around The House}

Just a couple pictures I snapped while I had my camera in my hand, light through the windows and a sleeping baby,....

Living Room
Antique window in the living room

Dining Room
Potpourri in the dining room,... that stopped smelling like 3 years ago

Hexie Quilt pieces
Unfinished projects in the sewing room. I know you're all shocked.

Sonic Bev
Sonic beverage on the sewing table, reminding me of Camille,.... only this is a Diet Coke w/ cherry & chocolate, not Dr. Pepper. ;)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Pretty mini bunting

I have been wanting to re-open my Etsy shop for a while now, only this time with lots of sewn goodies. There will probably be quilts of all sizes, possibly some small fabric items like magnets or pins, probably some of my paper patchwork boxes (not fabric, but sticking with the patchwork idea), and there will also be these sweet strands of bunting!!!

Pretty mini bunting and Ruby strings

Happy Campers mini bunting

I'm kind of obsessed with bunting right now,... cutting and sewing up tons and tons of little triangles, just ask my family, they've all seen it, whether they care or just pretend to. I am currently making this super cute and increasingly popular accessory in three sizes, large (about 5" flags), mini (shown, about 2.5" flags) and micro (about 1" flags). I am SO excited to get tons more made and have my Etsy grand re-opening. Keep your eyes peeled for this happy little bunting at an Etsy shop near you.

Well,.... in my Etsy shop anyway :)

Happy Campers Mini Bunting

Monday, August 1, 2011

{2 Months}

Cash - 2 Months

I can't believe this little guy is already two whole months!

Here is a whole slew of pictures to mark it!

Cash - 2 Months




Cash - 2 Months

Cash - 2 Months

Cash - 2 Months

Cash - 2 Months

Just love him!!!

Happy August! Hopefully with the ending of summer this heat wave will also be coming to an end,.... praying for some rain and some breezy days so I can take this little guy outside!