Monday, May 24, 2010

{Jordyn's First Birthday}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDYN!! :) A friend of mine asked me to be Paparazzi for his daughters first birthday. A brilliant idea if you ask me. Mom & Dad get to do what they need to do, tend to their baby, eat lunch, chat with friends, and not worry about making sure they're there every second to capture everything on camera.

What a FACE!!! She was so happy all day. What a sweet birthday girl.

Ummm,... she loved her cake,....

As you can see, I have been really busy the last few weeks. It has been a BLAST! Stay tuned for the Rain Forest Quilt. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Last Minute "Engagement" Shoot with Jeff & Inga}

So, Saturday morning I met up with Jeff and Inga for some pictures. I say "engagement" pictures because they're actually getting married THIS FRIDAY,.... so they have been engaged for a while now :) They decided last minute that they wanted to give their parents some pictures as gifts this weekend and gave me a chance to get my photography on.

It was good practice since I don't get to photograph people much. We spent some time on the Federal Hill downtown in the WIND. Maybe a little too windy for pictures, but beautiful regardless.

Jeff is a friend of my husbands who was a groomsman in our wedding and Inga is from Lithuania. I thought traveling from Texas to Maryland was far enough,... I bet her mom misses her!!

Hee hee,.... the staches on a stick were my idea,.... they LOVED it! No really, they did! TRUST me! :)

Looking forward to the wedding Friday Jeff & Inga!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

{Stubbs Family Photo Shoot}

I spent part of Mothers Day with the Stubbs family taking some fun family pictures. These little girls,..... so cute, and the wings,... oh my. The older girl was such a ham, she just loved having her picture taken.

Don't worry, no flowers were consumed in the making of these photos :-)

(above is my personal fav picture of the day,... like I said, A HAM)

Currently I am working on a little "rain forest" quilt for my future niece or nephew which I would like to get finished in time for the baby shower in ONE WEEK!!! I need to get workin! I am also editing some pictures from a little "photo shoot" yesterday with a couple getting married next week. So stay tuned for those upcoming posts,..... and I am going to TRY to get my picture-a-day project up-to-date as well.

Happy Weekend!! XOXO

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{Bean Bags for LOEP & Craft Hope are on their way}

A friend and I collaborated on the Craft Hope Bean Bag project and came up with some pretty adorable little bags if I may say so myself. :) We used two charm packs for the squares and felt for the letters.
My job was to cut out the letters, iron & embroider them onto the fabric squares and Val was in charge of making the filler bags and machine sewing all the bags together.

(its a sign) :)

Soooo,... cute right??? I will be making a set of these for my (Pre-K teacher) mom for her classroom next year and a friend has requested a set for her son.

This set is on its way to Liberia.

Happy Hump Day