Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Last Minute "Engagement" Shoot with Jeff & Inga}

So, Saturday morning I met up with Jeff and Inga for some pictures. I say "engagement" pictures because they're actually getting married THIS FRIDAY,.... so they have been engaged for a while now :) They decided last minute that they wanted to give their parents some pictures as gifts this weekend and gave me a chance to get my photography on.

It was good practice since I don't get to photograph people much. We spent some time on the Federal Hill downtown in the WIND. Maybe a little too windy for pictures, but beautiful regardless.

Jeff is a friend of my husbands who was a groomsman in our wedding and Inga is from Lithuania. I thought traveling from Texas to Maryland was far enough,... I bet her mom misses her!!

Hee hee,.... the staches on a stick were my idea,.... they LOVED it! No really, they did! TRUST me! :)

Looking forward to the wedding Friday Jeff & Inga!!

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