Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Highlight of my Tuesday}

Tuesday,.... not QUITE Monday, but pretty close and pretty normal right. Not exciting, not really fun,... just.... Tuesday. WELL, today's Tuesday started just as normal as any.... get to work, big cup of coffee, start weeding email,... blah blah. Today I had to take a couple hours at lunch to go to the dentist(exciting), well LOOKIE what I almost squished on my way to my car!!! I am going to go ahead and say that its pretty lucky to see a praying mantis right before your very eyes! Especially right in the middle of the city,... on pavement! I haven't ever seen a real, wobbly, living, HUGE mantis before. It was pretty cool, about 6ish inches big!!! Very UNlucky that I can't carry my camera around everywhere I go, I could have gotten a really cool macro shot of this guy! (I took this with my camera phone)

*UPDATE* Even MORE lucky,.... my Mom, all the way in Texas ALSO saw a praying mantis today! What are the odds???? What do you all think it means???

Friday, September 25, 2009

{If Only......}

...... I had two little girls. They would be sporting these adorable polka dot coats from Mini Boden this winter. HOW CUTE!!!!
OR, if only....... they made them in my size, I would be sporting this polka dot coat this winter.

My co-worker had the brilliant idea that maybe we could buy three or four, take them apart, and sew them all back together, they would probably fit us!! OR I could just buy these for my little nieces!! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

{Lovely Delivery}

Soooo,... you remember this post of pretties??? I do, it's one of my favs!! Well,... you remember this blueberry fabric??? Yeah, it sold out. BUT i was able to snag up the STRAWBERRY fabric bundle!! How lucky am I!?!?!?!
Don't be jealous,.... you know you are. It's so pretty, I think I will just look at it for a while. I'm really not sure what to make with it just yet. I might just go ahead and make some of this fabulous garland. OR, I might just like this picnic-y quilt top so much, a patchwork quilt may be in order. OOOooohhh the possibilities!! Any ideas?? Suggestions?? I'd love to hear them! I am always interested in a new project!!
Thank you SO much to Miss Rosehip for the opportunity to buy this wonderful fabric!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

{It's That Time Again!!}

So this has been quite the year for weddings in our family!! Tom and I were engaged in February, 2008 and planned for an April, 2009 wedding. Tom's younger sister was engaged shortly after and planned for a May, 2009 wedding. Sudden news of Tom's older sisters engagement came about and she was married in February of 2009. These pictures are from Jessica's Bridal Shower, Tom's, Brothers, Fiancee.... wedding date, January, 2010!

YES!!! Your eyes were not deceiving you. That means that there have been (or will be) FOUR weddings in the course of a year. FOUR weddings, ONE family, TWELVE months! I swear, I'm not making it up!!! And since I know everyone is wondering, Tom is one of eight children,... yes, EIGHT. Mike, Tonry, Phil, Gina, Tom, Matt, Maria, Veronica. :) Its fun to be part of a BIG family!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

{Practice, Practice.... Practice!}

I have been reading up on my Photography Class notes, testing, trying, practicing,... shooting away and this is a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I really need to just keep practicing I guess, but I am easily frustrated. I want to take a good shot the first time, in reality, I will take about 20 shots to get one or two good ones. Then I put the camera down and find something else to do. Hopefully it will come to me eventually! I know my teacher is anti editing, but I actually really like trying cool effects and actions on pictures to give them a totally different feel. Anyway, if anyone has any good tricks or tips, PLEASE leave me a comment! I'll take all the help I can get!
OH,... I also had an awesome delivery today from a fellow blogger!!! It is a beauty.... stay tuned to find out what it is and who sent it!! :)
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{Photo Editing Silliness}

*Gasp* its MOI!! This is me being a tart.
This is very '70's of me, no?
I actually really like mirror shots, I think the camera IN the picture, well, its kinda cool.
All of these pictures have been digitally enhanced. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

{Red Shoes & Homework..... Kinda}

Sooooo,.... I started my photography class last week, and my first "assignment" was to take the same picture with the same item, background, lighting,... etc., using different camera settings.
I asked a friend (avid shoe lover & ITPB regular) of mine what to photograph, what she would like to see on the blog. Naturally, SHOES!!!
These are my favorite pair of heels! Sassy and dirt cheap! I got them from Target and this is my SECOND pair! I wear them with everything, even if they don't "match". That's just how I roll.
I wore these babies for my engagement photo shoot and they were a big hit with the photographers, and ACTUALLY, they got a shot of just our dancin' feet! CUTE!
Anyway, back to the "assignment", we learned about ISO, F Stop and Shutter Speed, so I was SUPPOSED to change the camera settings and take the same picture like five times. I got a little side tracked, found the right setting and took like five different shots with the same camera settings. Again, it's just what I do, don't judge me. I wasn't a very good student in college either! :)
These last two images were a bit off on the settings so I edited them, just a little antique effect I found in iPhoto. They look pretty cute too. (Don't tell my teacher, he is anti editing). BUT these might just be the first real manual pictures I have taken since I got the camera! What do you guys think??

Saturday, September 12, 2009

{Playing with the Canon}

My brother, Matt, picked up my camera last weekend and LOVED it! He played around with it for a while and got some pretty cool shots from my parents backyard I might add!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been sick as a dog all week. I think some sinus-cold-possibly-flu-head-thing-y harvested on the plane during my travels last weekend! That's what happens when I go on whirlwind trips to Texas huh????

Monday, September 7, 2009

{Labor Day Weekend}

Sweet little Jocelyn was Baptized over the holiday weekend. Just look at those big, beautiful girly, eyes & lashes! She looked so beautiful and was a perfect angel! (Her brother was a total sweetheart too!)

Here is the Pastor, Proud Parents, Babies and Godparents.

What a sweet family.

That Jonathan Jr. is such a sweet little boy! He always smiles and giggles and is super snuggly! What a beautiful boy! I love those little ones so much!

Friday, September 4, 2009

{Sweet Summer Time Garland}

How stinkin cute are these?

I think I will be making these pretty little things (OR snagging one up from these fabulous Etsy shops!) to hang in my soon-to-be-art-studio! I think they are perfect!

Now, I just need to pop into rosehip and grab this Very Blueberry Fabric Bundle before anyone else does! (she only has one left!!! Hurry!!) She also has a beautiful blog that you can see here.

I hope everyone has safe holiday plans for Labor Day! My husband and I are Texas bound (waaaay early in the morning I might add!). My niece, Jocelyn, will be baptized this weekend and Tom and I are going to be the proud Godparents! How exciting! We are ready for some fun in the sun, lots of family, little feet running crazy through the house, and just being home. I am the youngest of three and the only girl! My big brothers both have two children. Matt is the oldest, he has two girls, Samantha (7) and Abby (4) and a very cool girlfriend, Holly. Jon is my other bro, he has Jonathan Jr. (1) and Jocelyn (5mo) and is married to Jessica. I MISS those crazy kids!!!!