Tuesday, September 29, 2009

{Highlight of my Tuesday}

Tuesday,.... not QUITE Monday, but pretty close and pretty normal right. Not exciting, not really fun,... just.... Tuesday. WELL, today's Tuesday started just as normal as any.... get to work, big cup of coffee, start weeding email,... blah blah. Today I had to take a couple hours at lunch to go to the dentist(exciting), well LOOKIE what I almost squished on my way to my car!!! I am going to go ahead and say that its pretty lucky to see a praying mantis right before your very eyes! Especially right in the middle of the city,... on pavement! I haven't ever seen a real, wobbly, living, HUGE mantis before. It was pretty cool, about 6ish inches big!!! Very UNlucky that I can't carry my camera around everywhere I go, I could have gotten a really cool macro shot of this guy! (I took this with my camera phone)

*UPDATE* Even MORE lucky,.... my Mom, all the way in Texas ALSO saw a praying mantis today! What are the odds???? What do you all think it means???

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  1. Awww- he is soooooo sweet and I had NO idea they are that large!!!!!!!!! Megan m.