Friday, September 25, 2009

{If Only......}

...... I had two little girls. They would be sporting these adorable polka dot coats from Mini Boden this winter. HOW CUTE!!!!
OR, if only....... they made them in my size, I would be sporting this polka dot coat this winter.

My co-worker had the brilliant idea that maybe we could buy three or four, take them apart, and sew them all back together, they would probably fit us!! OR I could just buy these for my little nieces!! :)


  1. Cute dotted coats! Love the contrasting lining on each of them....How about buying two giant frames and using them as wall art?? ;)

  2. Their coats for grown ups are really pretty too. I have several things from Boden and just ordered 2 shirts in a cut that hopefully will fit my growing chest! :)

  3. I love those. Oh and how cute for 2 little girls. The prissy one could have red and tomboy could have blue!Precious!!