Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Bits & Pieces}

Here are just a few of my favorite things I have either picked up or received as gifts for my little guy.
Gilded Cabin 7 "CASH" blocks

I ordered these gilded vintage "CASH" blocks from Cabin 7.

Cabin 7 Blocks

This is Sophie the Giraffe Teether that I received from my niece, Sofie, this past weekend at my Maryland baby shower!


And this bear belonged to my husband when he was little. My Mother-In-Law gave it to us for our little one! I love him. (side note: that cowboy hat was a gift from me to my husband on my first visit to Maryland after we met,.... I doubt he has ever worn it. It has resided in his parents basement since I gave it to him) :)

Vintage bear

So, I spent the last seven days in Maryland getting the move underway. I took some pictures for friends, had a baby shower, a going away party, packers, movers, some sad feelings of leaving, happy feelings of Texas and a last look at our first little home. I will post more about it soon.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Nursery Inspiration Board}

Nursery Inspiration Board
Inspired by the completely AWESOME Lay Baby Lay blog, I decided to make an inspiration board for Cash's nursery. These are some of the items and inspiration I am using to create the little man's fabulous room! Linkage below. (oh, and he has a fabulous refinished dresser/changing table that I couldn't find a picture of, but it's currently the only piece of furniture in his room! :) )

Monday, March 21, 2011

{A Tiny Quilt For My Boy}

A baby quilt

I made this tiny crib quilt for my little guy! I collected fabrics in aqua, lime green and grey (probably enough for like FIVE quilts) and used this pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.




I am pleased with the result but I think next time, I will photograph the quilt BEFORE I wash it. I mean,... I love the crinkly goodness here, but it makes it kind of difficult to see the piecing details.



A baby quilt

So, I was going to have the bedding,... bumper and crib skirt custom made to match the quilt fabrics, but my mom talked me into letting her me make it. I think that my sewing skillz are just not good enough for something like this,... after all the mistakes and seam ripping, I'm thinking it's not worth it and might have someone else do it for our next child. :)


So this is the quilt with the bumper which is still not complete, and it definitely looks adorable, but like I said, not so easy for me. This is not the crib for the nursery either. This is at my parent's house. Cash's crib will be black. What do you think? Any readers hand make crib bedding and have any helpful tips? Right now I am trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to close the top of this bumper. I am seeing lots of hand stitching in my future.

{Vintage Fabric Patchwork Quilt}


OH!! HI THERE!! :) Thought I fell off the planet did you?? Well, kinda,... a little, maybe? I've been moving, painting, visiting with family, furniture hunting (on a budget) and SEWING. :) This is a pretty little quilt I made just for the heck of it. It's made from a stack of charm squares that I won from a little giveaway on Miss Rose Hip's blog. If you haven't checked it out,... do, you won't regret it, her pictures and creations are so beautiful!


I went strictly patchwork with this one. After I had all the squares together it was a bit small so I hunted down some more (larger) vintage fabrics (sheets) from thrift stores for some sashing and backing. I like the result.


This is the first straight line quilting I have attempted since this debacle. I did draw out straight lines and used the walking foot and everything turned out just perfect.



Looks like a nice little picnic blanket doesn't it?? So,... I've been in Texas now for about 5ish weeks, the Mr. is still in Baltimore and I am about to meet up with him there this week to get our house packed up and headed out this way. He will be joining me here at the beginning of April when we will move into our temporary home here in DFW. (did I mention that he is doing the 23 hour drive AGAIN??? ALONE??? Well,... with TWO DOGS??? Good luck with that!) ;) I also have a couple photo shoots and a BABY SHOWER while I'm in Maryland! Yay! I wonder what kind of cool stuff my little guy is going to get! I can't wait to see my man and my friends and family in Baltimore again!

Stay tuned for a little baby boy quilt! :)