Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Bits & Pieces}

Here are just a few of my favorite things I have either picked up or received as gifts for my little guy.
Gilded Cabin 7 "CASH" blocks

I ordered these gilded vintage "CASH" blocks from Cabin 7.

Cabin 7 Blocks

This is Sophie the Giraffe Teether that I received from my niece, Sofie, this past weekend at my Maryland baby shower!


And this bear belonged to my husband when he was little. My Mother-In-Law gave it to us for our little one! I love him. (side note: that cowboy hat was a gift from me to my husband on my first visit to Maryland after we met,.... I doubt he has ever worn it. It has resided in his parents basement since I gave it to him) :)

Vintage bear

So, I spent the last seven days in Maryland getting the move underway. I took some pictures for friends, had a baby shower, a going away party, packers, movers, some sad feelings of leaving, happy feelings of Texas and a last look at our first little home. I will post more about it soon.


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  1. Babies love Sophie! Glad Cash already has one :)