Friday, September 30, 2011

{3 Months}

Cash, 3 months/Hawaii

LOOK at those baby blues!!! He is such a SWEET baby! He smiles at me when I say "hi" and we can get him to laugh at the craziest noises.

These pictures were taken in Hawaii, Cash was a little older than 3 months, but I forgot to do a 3 month photo shoot, so these should do. AND... since he is now 4 months, stay tuned for that post. :)

Cash, 3 months/Hawaii

I love this guy,... probably even more tomorrow than today.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Neptune Wild Thing}

Neptune Wild Thing

Do you remember this??? Well,... almost two years later, here it is in all its Wild Thing, Hawaii glory. :)

Neptune Wild Thing

I actually brought this quilt with me (maybeeee along with another one) to Hawaii. That's right, I brought quilts with me to Hawaii. I actually finished the binding on this one on the plane ride out there so, on our way to the airport to head home, we stopped for a photo shoot. Why not?? :) It only took me two years to complete, for some reason,... I think it deserves a pretty view (which just so happens to be the view from the wedding we attended,.. uh,.. beautiful much???) I know what you're thinking,... "I've seen better" Yeah, me too.

Neptune Wild Thing

Please excuse some of the color funkiness in these pictures. I had the white balance all wrong on my camera for every picture I took of this quilt and didn't have the guts to ask my husband to go back out on the golf course holding this pretty pink and blue quilt and start all over.

Neptune Wild Thing - back

Anyway, I LOOOOOOOOVE it! It is definitely my favorite to date of those I have kept. It has a home right now on the back of my couch.

Friday, September 9, 2011

{A Quilt For Megan}

Megan's Wedding Quilt

Remember this "sneak peek" ??? Here it is!!! I used a tutorial over at Film In The Fridge to make this string quilt for Megan, my friend for 15 years, who just got married in Hawaii. It turned out SO beautiful that I am going to make another one! :)

Megan's Wedding Quilt

I used mostly Kaffe Fassett fabrics in purple, green and turquoise, and added some extras in there,... some dots, solids and even batiks!


The string quilt pattern was so much fun! I had a blast making it. Can't wait to get started on another string quilt.




Don't you just love how it feels to finish a quilt, wash it and pull it out of the dryer in all its crinkly-ness??? Perfect!