Wednesday, December 30, 2009

{Happy Magazine Day Giveaway}

In honor of my magazine debut, and rolling in the new year, I have decided to host my very first GIVEAWAY!!! I appreciate all your beautiful comments, I read every single one. I can't tell you how silly excited I get when I get an email telling me someone commented on my blog. I keep thinking that I am probably the only person that really even looks at my blog (pretty pathetic right?? I look at my own blog???) Its exciting that I have readers and I am thankful for all of you.
This is the sweet little Claire Box. I was reading The Time Travelers Wife when I finished this box, hence the name. Miss Claire is 7 3/4" in diameter and 4" in height. The box was painted white, decoupaged with coordinating paper squares and embellished with ribbon, feathers, paper flowers and rhinestones.

I almost ALWAYS make one of these to give a baby gift in. I like to think that the child will have sweet little treasures in one of my boxes on a shelf in their nursery. I have also used them for Christmas gifts and sometimes I use them AS the gift. You could just put it right on your own shelf and keep whatever you like in it.

Oh Heck,... I'm going to include a copy of Romantic Homes,... its a sweet little magazine, you probably want to win this one! ;)

SO,... let me know how many readers I actually do have! To enter to win the Claire Box, leave me a comment, just tell me something fun that will make me laugh. Become a follower and leave another comment letting me know that you are following and I will put your name in twice! I am going to leave the comments open until January 5th, announcing the winner of Miss Claire, Wednesday, January 6th. OH.... don't forget to leave an email address, blog address, some way to contact you when you win! I'm really sorry to my international readers, but right now I can only ship to the United States, Canada and Mexico. I love you though,... I am working on the best International shipping,... please don't hate me.

Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{Romantic Homes, February 2010, Page 12}

That is where you can find MY BLOG!!!!!!! No,... I'm not even kidding you! MY little blog is in a MAGAZINE! To say that I'm excited,... that's an understatement. I was approached in August or September by Jacqueline, the Editor of Romantic Homes magazine about featuring my blog in their "Sites We Are Loving" article. UMMMmmm yes please. :)

Another blog, Nest Decorating & Designs by Tamar has a spread in this magazine, which is pretty crazy, because I THINK that is the first blog I really ever read. I remember just oohhing and aahhing over her blog and wishing that I could have a blog as pretty and inspiring as hers. It's a little surreal to be included with her in a magazine. WoW..... just wow.

AND I didn't even know the magazine was out yet! My Mom called me Sunday night and said she was looking at my pictures in this "Romantic Homes Magazine" :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

{Holiday Aprons}

Little Samantha, Abby and Miss Holly all received matching hand made aprons this year for Christmas. Aunt Jessie (Moi) used a super cute little pattern,... and tried her best to follow it. I'm not sure why I have such a hard time following patterns and sewing directions. I don't have problems with quilt patterns, well, the easy ones. What??

Abby, she will be 5 in March, said very specifically that she wanted an apron. This is the niece that wanted to be "Cinderella in the clean-up dress". They all fit wonderfully and looked SO CUTE! I used some fabulous Cath Kidston fabric that I found on Etsy, I might just have enough left for ONE more apron!! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

{A Christmas Present for Mom}

I have been waiting a really long time to do this post. I made this quilt for my Mom for Christmas several months ago, but since she reads my Blog,... I couldn't share. :)
I used the Stacked Coin Quilt pattern over at the Moda Bake Shop. It's actually a baby size pattern, but with some alterations, I was able to make this big enough for a adult to cuddle up with. I used Nostalgia fabric by April Cornell for Moda.

I pieced the back with some Nostalgia yardage and a blue/white stripe that I L.O.V.E!!
Of course, you can't put a quilt on the floor for basting without expecting your pets to come running. Audrey enjoyed this one, she looks innocent enough, right.....
No,... here she is, ready to PoUnCe.
Maybe she sees something???? A bug? A mouse? GASP!!!
Mom loved her quilt and has already made it known that my Dad is not to touch her new blanket.

Funny story,... we arrived in Texas Tuesday night, we left 35 degree weather and 2 feet of snow in Maryland to 70-75 degree, flip flop wearing, no jacket weather in Texas. I swear I saw Tom staring out the window at the pool contemplating a swim. (that was Wednesday) THURSDAY IT SNOWED,... IN TEXAS. I'm not even making it up. It was a white Christmas in Texas in 2009. I MIGHT have sneaked some Maryland snow over into Texas... maybe.

I hope everyone has (had) a beautiful holiday with your families!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

{Blizzard,.. For Real}

The picture above is my favorite,... I find it slightly ironic. I bought this star because it reminded me of Texas, like a "Lonestar" get it?? Yeah, well now its covered in SNOW which would never happen if it were actually IN Texas! :)

I felt like a little kid today with the mass amounts of snow fall. Snow is SO much fun to photograph, it is just so pretty how it settles in the most beautiful way! Enjoy some shots from today.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more, I am sure it has more than DOUBLED since I took these this morning.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

{Photography Fun}

I was just playing with some photo editing this weekend. Really, that's pretty much it. :) Enjoy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

{Audrey Wanted to be a Christmas Present This Year}

Just look at that precious little girl sleeping under the tree!!

And look at me playing with my new photo editing software that Santa (The Mr.) brought me early this year. He's so good to me!

Monday, December 7, 2009

{Santa Has Stopped in a Little Early}

Seriously,.... how are you not drooling?!?!
Just LOOK at those polka dots!!!

Thanksgiving weekend I popped into Fat Quarter Shop and was taken over by the eye candy! I just LOVE shopping there! My packages always arrive so quickly and they are packaged so pretty, it makes online shopping even better (if that's possible). I snagged up several of the yellow/grey/black prints from the Summer Soiree fabric line designed by Paula Prass for Michael Miller. There is a grey damask by Dena Designs in there and the dots are Plain Jane Dumb Dots and Ta Dots. Some must haves!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

{It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like,... }

We managed to get our Christmas tree up during the long holiday weekend and this year is one of my favorites! I have a lot of Hallmark and handmade ornaments, but not enough to fill a whole tree, so I like to add the traditional balls that are festive, but match the living room decor. This tree is red silver and aqua, SO pretty!!

This ornament below was on my parents first Christmas tree and I LOVE it!
What do you think of the antique effect I used on the pictures above? (below is the tree in its original beauty) Does anyone else have their trees up?? Do share, I love to see how other families like to spread the holiday cheer in their homes!