Friday, December 25, 2009

{A Christmas Present for Mom}

I have been waiting a really long time to do this post. I made this quilt for my Mom for Christmas several months ago, but since she reads my Blog,... I couldn't share. :)
I used the Stacked Coin Quilt pattern over at the Moda Bake Shop. It's actually a baby size pattern, but with some alterations, I was able to make this big enough for a adult to cuddle up with. I used Nostalgia fabric by April Cornell for Moda.

I pieced the back with some Nostalgia yardage and a blue/white stripe that I L.O.V.E!!
Of course, you can't put a quilt on the floor for basting without expecting your pets to come running. Audrey enjoyed this one, she looks innocent enough, right.....
No,... here she is, ready to PoUnCe.
Maybe she sees something???? A bug? A mouse? GASP!!!
Mom loved her quilt and has already made it known that my Dad is not to touch her new blanket.

Funny story,... we arrived in Texas Tuesday night, we left 35 degree weather and 2 feet of snow in Maryland to 70-75 degree, flip flop wearing, no jacket weather in Texas. I swear I saw Tom staring out the window at the pool contemplating a swim. (that was Wednesday) THURSDAY IT SNOWED,... IN TEXAS. I'm not even making it up. It was a white Christmas in Texas in 2009. I MIGHT have sneaked some Maryland snow over into Texas... maybe.

I hope everyone has (had) a beautiful holiday with your families!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful!! I am working on one for a "someday" baby :) If you ever get a chance to do a tutorial on binding/finishing a quilt that would be great. Or if you know of anyone who has a good tutorial let me know :) Thanks! Happy holidays!

  2. Wow! The quilt is beautiful! I'm sure your mom was thrilled.

  3. Gorgeous quilt...a labor of love to make and soooo worth it! Love the kitty pics! Snow in Texas...wowwee...don't see that every day!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! Love the fabrics, the design, (the kitty!), the binding....A treasure for a dear mom to receive!