Saturday, December 19, 2009

{Blizzard,.. For Real}

The picture above is my favorite,... I find it slightly ironic. I bought this star because it reminded me of Texas, like a "Lonestar" get it?? Yeah, well now its covered in SNOW which would never happen if it were actually IN Texas! :)

I felt like a little kid today with the mass amounts of snow fall. Snow is SO much fun to photograph, it is just so pretty how it settles in the most beautiful way! Enjoy some shots from today.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more, I am sure it has more than DOUBLED since I took these this morning.


  1. Stunning! We have very warm weather here in Oz for Christmas - I would love to trade one year :-) I hope your package arrives before Christmas?!!!

  2. I love the way you blur the background on some of do you get that effect? I have a Cannon too but not a fancy one and I edit in Picasa mostly..I have Photo Shop but it only frustrates this 60 yr. old woman! I take lots of pics of my grandbaby. I love your boxes too..soo beautiful..I have an idea for boxes but I don't want to make them..have been trying to find a sourse for buying seasonal decorative boxes to use but havn't found a place yet..anyway..I love that you do yours by hand..I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing!