Saturday, September 29, 2012

{Giveaway WINNER!!!}

I'll cut right to the chase,... Thanks so much for participating in my giveaway!  So many sweet comments.  According to, our winner is NUMBER 33...

Picture 1


Cherie said:  "And I'm an IG follower :-)"

Congrats Cherie!  Email me your info and I'll get your little coasters in the mail for you.


I'll be back soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

{Instagram Giveaway}

Put a drink on it Giveaway!
So the other night I reached 200 Instagram followers!  As promised below, I'm hooking up a giveaway to say thanks for your support!  It's been pretty busy around here and sometimes (most times) its easier to keep up to date on Instagram than here on my blog.  I'm going to try to work on that, so don't go anywhere, this giveaway isn't JUST for Instagrammers,... ;)

I have been interested in breaking in to a swap on Flickr but it's not all that easy if you've tried, or if you have in fact been a part of them.  Completely understandable!  I would hate to be stuck with the partner that didn't hold up their end of the bargain, you know?  So, the swap hosts want to see that you have actively participated in a successful swap in your flickr stream.  (keep reading, it will tie back to these coasters,... I think,...) ;)  Anyway, Kelly and I agreed to make table toppers for each other in a private swap so I would have all the evidence I needed to be considered for, maybe the Pillow Talk Swap.  One idea that Kelly threw out was coasters.  Everyone needs a place to put their drink right??  SO along with her table topper, I included a set of four granny square coasters.  They turned out so cute, I'm going to give a set to one of you!

*Please note that the set shown is the set I sent to Kelly :)  Your set will be 4 red/aqua/pink coasters, similar to the one shown in the pictures (which are just not completed yet, but 4 from this picture)*

Granny Coaster Giveaway!

HOW TO ENTER:  Just leave me a comment.  About anything!  You don't have to be an Instagram follower to enter, HOWEVER if you ARE an IG follower of mine, you get an extra entry!  Just leave me a SEPARATE comment telling me you follow me on IG and you'll get two chances to win!  If you're not already following along on IG, then head over, join in the fun, then leave a comment letting me know you are and I'll get you an extra entry too!  I will leave the giveaway open until Friday, Sept 28 when I will announce the lucky winner!  Good luck.


Finished coasters measure approx. 5.5 inches, are insulated, quilted & bound.  These little beauties will most likely be headed to Paper Box Quilt Co. as well.  I hope you are all having a great week!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{200 Instagram Followers, a Giveaway & NO DOUBT?!}

When I reach 200 IG followers, I'm gonna do a giveaway. It will definitely involve these cutie mini grannies. Go. Tell your friends.

Soooooo,... I was checking out things on Instagram the other day (what's new??) and realized that I have ALMOST 200 followers!!  (185 to be exact)  That's pretty cool!  Then, I decided that once I reached the 200 mark, I would do a little giveaway and it will definitely involve these tiny little red, aqua and pink granny squares :)  SO,... if you're not already checking out ITPB on Instagram (insidethepaperbox), then head over, follow me and stay tuned for giveaway details!

Shortly after that, I started scheming with a fellow IGer an idea for a potential quilt-a-long.  The RockstarQAL (as it will be referred to from here no on) is where you take inspiration from your favorite band/rockstar/musical artist and create a quilt.  You'll use your inspiration to choose your fabric, prints, colors, pattern, etc.   I want to know if there's any interest in doing this in a formal manner, i.e. sharing progress, starting a flickr group, giveaways, link ups and start/end dates.  Whatdaya think???  Anyone want to get in on this??

Here is my fav band, and the inspiration for my Rockstar quilt:

x No Doubt x
No Doubt - my inspiration for the #RockstarQAL with @renorx

I love these guys!  Many, many years ago, a friend of mine and I went to a concert in Dallas during their Return Of Saturn tour and fell in love!  It was pretty much a dream night, we had backstage passes, met the band, partied with the band, danced with the band, and were invited to drive out to Houston the next day for another concert and another backstage party.  Um YEAH!  What a weekend! Anyway, I will be pulling fabric based on this awesome group to make my quilt.  Who would you choose????