Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{Neptune Whirligigs}

MORE squares??? Yes, Yes,... more squares. At the moment, I am still waiting for the fabric I ordered for the backing on the Simply-A-Bloom quilt, so, I started another quilt top. (*chuckle*) These are super fun to make!
Here's the kicker.... the pattern called for two charm packs with 42 squares each. I used two charm packs with 32(ish) squares. You guessed it,... I am waiting on fabric. I think I'm really bad at timing my fabric purchases!! At the moment I have 32 whirligigs and am waiting on two more Neptune charm packs (which, BTW is not easy to find anymore).

So what do I do?? I did.... I totally did. I started ANOTHER quilt top. This one is proving to be a little more difficult that the last two, so no pictures yet, and I have a feeling this one might take a while. I'll try to get pictures when I have a few good looking squares.

On a totally UNrelated note, I saw New Moon today and loved it! Here is my opinion on this.... Twilight=great book, not-so-great-movie. New Moon=least fav book in the saga, GREAT movie. How many fans do I have with me??

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  1. Definitely agree :) Liked New Moon 10 times better than Twilight movie, although I still think the books are better. Glad to hear you had a fun Thanksgiving....hopefully we'll see you at New Years!!