Friday, November 27, 2009

{Turkey Day Football}

This was the first Thanksgiving in my twenty errrrr nine years that I haven't been in the Dodt home for dinner and wonderful kid-o craziness. My husband and I decided to stay in Maryland for our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and one of their newer traditions is a family football game.

We met up with some of Tom's brothers and sisters (and some nephews were present) at the park in the morning, scarfed some uber nutritious breakfast:
and hit the field:
Well..... I hit the sideline and played the position of team photog. I am all for watching a rainy, muddy really cold game but I am really not a sporty kind of girl (probably better for the people who DID play that I wasn't on their team).

After the game, eating commenced,.... hours of eating.
Later my husband and I and some of my brothers and sisters in law curled up next to a warm crackly Yule Log,... On Demand, while we prepared for a double feature of Planes, Trains & Automobiles followed by Home Alone. What a Thanksgiving!!

I am definitely thankful to have TWO awesome families!

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