Monday, November 16, 2009

{Bloggers Block}

I have a case of bloggers block right now!! There isn't really a whole lot going on in our household. 2009 has been super busy up until now! My husband and I have been spending our time relaxing and doing things at home. This means movies, sewing, sports,... for the most part. During the week, its hard to get any fun pictures since its dark by the time we both get home :(

I realized I never did post a picture of the completed Pocahontas costume. It turned out totally cute (especially since I couldn't find an actual Disney Pocahontas costume pattern!). My suspicions were correct and it was a little too small, but Grammy came to the rescue and fixed it up!! Here is a camera phone picture I took before sending it to Texas.

Hopefully tomorrow is as beautiful in Baltimore as it is today, I am going to try to get outside during my lunch break and maybe take some fun pictures for you!

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