Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{Emergency Card Making}

I am not in denial, I am fully aware that I am a total jerk when it comes to remembering birthdays! Actually it isn't really the remembering part that I am bad at, but more the mailing-cards-in-time-to-arrive-on-the-birthday part! It is really no surprise to receive my cards/gifts several weeks late.

When I realized I needed a card and had NONE, I got out the few Tula Pink Nest scraps from the Braid Quilt and whipped up this quick little card. It turned out OKAY, clearly very rushed with glue spots and uneven stitching, but I think it will work just fine.


  1. Love your blog! Just discovered it this morning and will be adding you to my reading list! Thanks for sharing. ann.

  2. You probably shouldn't post before the recipient gets the card! :) I figured it was coming my way and got it this morning-thanks! It was pretty and fun and the note was long and sweet...