Monday, September 21, 2009

{Lovely Delivery}

Soooo,... you remember this post of pretties??? I do, it's one of my favs!! Well,... you remember this blueberry fabric??? Yeah, it sold out. BUT i was able to snag up the STRAWBERRY fabric bundle!! How lucky am I!?!?!?!
Don't be jealous,.... you know you are. It's so pretty, I think I will just look at it for a while. I'm really not sure what to make with it just yet. I might just go ahead and make some of this fabulous garland. OR, I might just like this picnic-y quilt top so much, a patchwork quilt may be in order. OOOooohhh the possibilities!! Any ideas?? Suggestions?? I'd love to hear them! I am always interested in a new project!!
Thank you SO much to Miss Rosehip for the opportunity to buy this wonderful fabric!!!


  1. They're beautiful fabrics, Jessie! I look forward to seeing what create with them. I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions, but either of the ones you mentioned sound great!

  2. Yummy, such a gorgeous stack of fabrics - have fun with it!!