Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{Bean Bags for LOEP & Craft Hope are on their way}

A friend and I collaborated on the Craft Hope Bean Bag project and came up with some pretty adorable little bags if I may say so myself. :) We used two charm packs for the squares and felt for the letters.
My job was to cut out the letters, iron & embroider them onto the fabric squares and Val was in charge of making the filler bags and machine sewing all the bags together.

(its a sign) :)

Soooo,... cute right??? I will be making a set of these for my (Pre-K teacher) mom for her classroom next year and a friend has requested a set for her son.

This set is on its way to Liberia.

Happy Hump Day


  1. Jessie and Val-
    Thank you for these cute bean bags! I am looking for them to arrive any day and appreciate so much that you joined in on this project for kids in Liberian classrooms. If your kindergarten teacher mom has ideas for lesson plans we love to share ideas! Thanks, again
    Beth at LOEP

  2. These are so great! We love the idea and your blog, keep up the great work!