Thursday, May 13, 2010

{Stubbs Family Photo Shoot}

I spent part of Mothers Day with the Stubbs family taking some fun family pictures. These little girls,..... so cute, and the wings,... oh my. The older girl was such a ham, she just loved having her picture taken.

Don't worry, no flowers were consumed in the making of these photos :-)

(above is my personal fav picture of the day,... like I said, A HAM)

Currently I am working on a little "rain forest" quilt for my future niece or nephew which I would like to get finished in time for the baby shower in ONE WEEK!!! I need to get workin! I am also editing some pictures from a little "photo shoot" yesterday with a couple getting married next week. So stay tuned for those upcoming posts,..... and I am going to TRY to get my picture-a-day project up-to-date as well.

Happy Weekend!! XOXO


  1. You're getting some great shots - you have a real eye for photography.

  2. These are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!