Monday, June 22, 2009

{Newest BLOG}

So, here I AM! I have been so eager to start a BLOG and have been pondering over a name for weeks! I finally went with my gut and picked! I enjoy so much reading other peoples BLOGs and walk around on a daily basis thinking about wonderful things to share but haven't been able to... until NOW! In preparation for my new journey, I made a trip to the bookstore AND just purchased an awesome, super fancy camera that I hope to learn how to use soon! ;)

My name is Jessie, I am 29 years old and very recently married to Tom :) We live in a sweet little, 100 year-old town home in Baltimore, Maryland. I grew up in Texas but moved up here to be with Tom about 3 years ago. I work a full time job for a growing company called Under Armour and am very proud to be part of such a cool, up-and-coming company with such a great story. I LOVE art and spend most of my free time making jewelry and boxes and finding new projects to inspire me.

Through my BLOG I hope to share projects, photography, life and anything and everything that might inspire me or bring inspiration to others. I can't wait!!!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Welcome, welcome to blog land! So glad to have you...... I'm excited to keep up with you!

  2. Wow Jessie! I think it is really cool that you are inspired to do this :) Have fun!

  3. Congratulations on starting a pretty new blog! I think you chose a great, catchy name!

  4. Yay!We did it.We made it to the other side.Now lets convert as many people as we can!LOL!Thanks for being my 1st follower and my friend.
    :D Hav a great Monday!