Friday, July 8, 2011

{Happy Fourth!}


My brother-in-law and his wife came out from Maryland to visit last weekend. It was wonderful for Cash to meet his Aunt & Uncle.

We spent Saturday at Possum Kingdom with my friend Megan and her family for a little wedding celebration before the big day in HAWAII!!! YAY! I'M GOING TO HAWAII!! That reminds me,... I have to start working out....



Sweetest baby ever!



This is our first family portrait. I haven't really been ready to be photographed, but this seemed like an opportunity,... halfway disguised.


Cash LOVED to be outside!! It was a bit cooler at the lake than it is in the metroplex, with some wind and cloud coverage, or we would spend more time outside. Waiting,... waiting,.... waiting for Fall.


We spent Sunday at my parents house for a fish fry,... totally should have taken pictures of all. the. food!!! It was so good! Fried catfish, homemade fries and hush puppies,... coleslaw, cheesecake, watermelon,... oh my! I loved it all,... Cash? Not so much. :( Sorry buddy!

On the actual 4th, my husband and his brother went to the Rangers/Orioles game where they paid $85/ticket to watch their team lose,... sorry guys! And my sister-in-law and I hit up the movies for Water For Elephants. I loved it!! It's been a while since I read the book, so I'm not too sure on the accuracy, but it was still really good! Recommended. No fireworks were seen,... but I would still say it was a successfully festive weekend! Thanks Matt & Jess for flying all the way out here for some fun in the sun, thanks Matt, Holly, Dad & Mom for all the yummy food! Thanks Megan, Pat & Ken for hosting such a great time at the lake! Thank you Robert Pattinson for looking hot in WFE. :)

I hope you all had wonderful, safe holiday weekends too!

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  1. That's your first family pic? Crazy talk, picture girl! You (& the boys) look great!