Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{New Items At Paper Box Quilt Co.}

It's been a while but we are BACK IN BUSINESS!!  I mean,... collage editing is back in effect.  If you had been using Picnik to make collages before it flat left all of us, try Picmonkey.  It's AWESOME!  Way more awesome then Picnik ever was, so check it out.  Take THAT Picnik!

Anyway, first up, all the new gear in Paper Box Quilt Co. on Etsy!

Four new snuggle size quilts!  YEAH!  FOUR!  Some are bigger than the others, but all are big enough to cuddle under.

Neptune Jelly Filled
Neptune Jelly Filled

Into The Woods
A Walk In The Woods

I also have some sweet pinwheel minis ready to ship.  These all measure approximately 14.75 x 16.25 inches!  Perfect for hanging, table top or your baby girls little dolly that she won't put down.

Pinwheel Mini

So,... that's all for now, but my boy just had his FIRST birthday (HOLY COW!!!) so there will be more pictures from the photographer soon.  Also, a special custom quilt that I loved making.

Stay Tuned...

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  1. I am a wee bit addicted to Pic Monkey myself as you can see

    All of your quilts look awesome. I particularly like into the woods - it's a great idea to put a little white border around the pinwheel block - it really sets everyting off. Good luck with your sales.