Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Happy New Year}

Wow! Over a month this time?! Well, the holidays kind of turn my brain to mush and lots of things get forgotten. We have been doing lots of cool things over here though! First up, we closed on a house just a couple days before Christmas. It's a dream home! I couldn't be more excited to move in. We have selected some of the paint colors and have already started painting all the inside walls, so we will be moving in slowly, making sure everything is ready and perfect before we have to be out of our apartment in March.

Christmas was wonderful! (And exhausting) we just got back yesterday from a trip to Maryland to visit my husbands family. It was quite a whirlwind. It's still a bit of a blur.

And of course, up until the VERY last minute, I was finishing gifts and projects, packing, painting, moving, mothering, cleaning (not really), baking, wrapping, shipping, shopping, decorating. You know, typical holiday stuff. Now it's time to take it all down, be thankful that Christmas doubles as a deadline so you feel like you got a few things marked off your to-do list, and get back to the normal life pace, whatever that is for you.

I'm going to get working on a couple things that maybe should have hit that Christmas/deadline, do some painting in the new house this weekend, pack a few boxes as I go, get working on a new private swap and also on a pretty awesome giveaway opportunity (more on that one later).

OH and my New Year resolution is to ORGANIZE! There should be a place for everything in the new house and I'm planning to make it so organized you'll hate me when I'm done. I'm talking labels, containers, shelves, closet systems, folders, stickers, racks,.... A. Place. For. Everything. Hold me to it, would ya? What's your resolution?


Ps. Is it possible to move your images when blogging from an iPad?? Anyone have tips on that? :-D

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