Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{Pretty.... and a Pocahontas story}

These were given to the Boss Lady last week for Boss's Day! Beautiful!

My seven year old niece wants to be Pocahontas this year for Halloween, CUTE!! My Mom always made my Halloween costume and now she offers to make my nieces costumes. Well she has been a pretty busy teacher this year so I offered to make the Pocahontas costume. In case anyone out there doesn't know, there is NO Disney Pocahontas costume pattern out there for a child! WHAT!?!?! No really. SO I got the best Pocahontas-looking-cave-woman pattern that was WAY too big thinking that I could wing it and make my own changes to make it as close to Pocahontas as possible. The costume tuned out pretty cute,... the catch?? My niece lives in Texas and I am terrified it isn't going to fit her!! :( I am sending it out tomorrow, so we shall know soon enough! I'm more nervous about this than I thought I would be!!!

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  1. Beautiful flowers! I can relate with creating a costume - one of my kids wants to be a "Blue Tellie Tubbie" - and the other wants to be a "crazy elf." What happened to ghosts (white sheet with two eye holes?)