Thursday, October 15, 2009

{Quilting for Hope}

It has been a total rainy mess up here in Maryland! My family lives in Texas and they said it's pretty wet and gross there too!! Is the whole country under a huge rain cloud??? I love weather like this when I can stay in my home with my husband and be lazy, but when I actually have to go out in it,.... YUCK!
So, do you remember the cute sock monkey I made for the last Craft Hope charity? Well, they have announced their next mission and its QUILTS!!! I am really excited about this one since I have just started quilting and love it! They have teamed with Margaret's Hope Chest (MHC Blog) to provide quilts to children in the Grand Rapids Michigan Public School System that are homeless during the Christmas season. Their goal is to distribute what looks like FOUR HUNDRED quilts and the deadline to receive them is NOVEMBER 15!!! They are requesting quilts made of squares. I am spreading the word, because I do plan to send in a quilt and I hope I inspire some readers to do the same.

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