Saturday, February 27, 2010

{Blizzard, 2010}

(WARNING: Picture Overload)
At the beginning of February we had two HUGE snow storms totaling 40-50 inches of snow!! I was literally standing in snow to my bum! So, naturally I had to go out to get pictures, I love photographing snow storms. The picture above has been altered quite a bit. I recently learned how to add textures to images and I added this cool bokeh texture to the mound of snow that I photographed outside my bedroom window on the second floor. It was resting on the roof above our kitchen and we were really lucky it didn't do any damage. It sure looked pretty tho.
Some of these are from the first round, some from the second. The picture below is right at the start of the storm and above is the aftermath on my street. We knew we were getting major snow fall and would probably be snowed in for days, so we decided to be snowed in with my brother-in-law and his wife. It was fun, we were lazy, watched tons of movies, and played in the snow!

The tree picture above is one of my FAVORITES! I love how its so dramatic, and the effect I used when editing made the sky a really cool color.

If you look really close in the image below, you can see what might be a Cardinal.

Hee hee,... that's ME!! This is my reflection in a car side mirror.

And below are some seriously deadly looking icicles hanging from the roof outside my bedroom.

Here's hoping for some SPRING and SUNSHINE!!!!!

I'm heading to Texas next weekend, so I am going to be a picture taking freak with those sweet little kidd-O's!!
(since I have been a complete slacker with my Picture-A-Day-Project, this will also serve as my previous handful of PAD posts. I will pick up from this weekend,.... I know, I'm only cheating myself :( )

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