Tuesday, February 9, 2010

{Snowy Time Giveaway}

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by Ashley from the CSN Stores Promo Team about hosting a giveaway on my blog for one of their items!! HOW COOL!?!?! On behalf of ALL the inches and inches.... and inches of snow we are STILL getting here in Maryland,... where we use our bar stools to hold our parking spots after digging our cars out of FORTY inches of snow,... I bring you this SUPER cute Thomas Paul Matryoska Tote Bag from the AllModern website. The bag measures 14" W x 16" D. CSN Stores has over 200 websites with lots of COOL stuff! Check them out here.
You have THREE chances to enter!
1. Leave a comment about being snowed in and what creative things you did while you you were stuck inside. If you have never been in the snow, then just any comment is good too!
2. Become my follower by clicking the button in the right sidebar, then leave another comment letting me know.
3. Blog, twitter or facebook about my giveaway, come back and leave me a comment with a link to your post or tweet.
Comment entry will be open until Saturday, February 20th and I will announce the winner Sunday, February 21st. Good Luck friends!!


  1. We were snowed in over the weekend and are getting hit with the second round as I type. While snowed in, I started a new crochet project, caught up on laundry, took snowy photos, discovered new blogs and just had a totally relaxing weekend. I have your blog link listed on mine as one of my "For Pure Enjoyment" reads. Love it!

  2. this is such a fun bag, my last quilt had little matroyshka dolls on it!! since we have not been snowed in yet i am not sure what i am going to do, but if it snows tonight like they say it should i am hoping to get some time sewing. i get that frequently but since there will be nothing else to do i figure why not.

  3. L♥ve the cutie bag!! Мне очень нравится эта сумка!

  4. i posted your link on my FB!

    if i was snowed in (which is a BIG IF since i am in TX) i would probably get to that long dreaded project: organizing photo albums. but before i did that never ending task, i would reorganize my entire closet by color, type, and season...perhaps even purge a few older pieces! it's in disarray!

  5. Luckily I'm never snowed in here in Houston. But if I was I'd probably read your blog!

  6. Hey Dodt!

    So... I've been snowed in all week here in McDaniel. I have been sleeping in really late, going sledding everyday, and I did clean my dorm room (but it didn't last very long). Today (in a desparation to get out of the dorm and get some food since the dining hall was closed) my friends and I walked to a Chinese Restaurant for some tasty and delicious food. Enjoy the rest of the snow:)

  7. Hi SIL. A giveaway is so fun :) No snow here, but I am ok with that ;)

  8. Oooh ooh I love a giveaway! We were definitely snowed in up here in winter wonderland, i.e. Landenberg, PA. At risk of sounding boring, with a baby due ANY day now (and for fear of us going into labor during the blizzard).. we mostly stayed in and did some major nesting! Ian built some shelves and I arranged and re-arranged the nursery.. but best of all, we finally had some "us" time just the two of us, before it becomes the three of us. :) Cozy fires, hot chocolate, the works.. it was great!

  9. Great blog! Crossing my fingers that I win! Congrats on the romantic homes spotlight. It's how I found you. I'll check in again for sure. Love- Danna

  10. We haven't seen the ground for over 2 months and are supposed to get even more snow in the next day or two. The last time school was in session was on a Thursday 2 weeks ago. I have been reading, playing wii, helping Madoc write thank-you notes, and doing some creative cooking - we've had to raid the freezer and the cupboard between occassional trips to the store.

  11. I posted your link on my facebook! My time being snowed in wasn't so relaxing...my husband was like a child on Christmas morning...lets go here and there and be dumb and drive around in the blizzard! But we had fun and we were safe! Thanks to my UA friends I learned how to crochet before we got the snow so I made and completed my first baby blanket and hat!

  12. Hi Jessie Dodt,

    Happy Valentine/Birthday, I'm glad to see you again here next to me. Its been so lonely without you. I'm real excited to see some more of your great pictures lady! Keep um comn'
    I'm just so proud of you!!


  13. I made another scarf for the Craft Hope project while Kevin shoveled snow for hours! And I'm sure you've heard that they are calling for more snow next week! Not sure how much yet - hopefully very little! Here we go again...


  14. Jess~

    I didn't get the luxury of being "snowed in" during these two storms because hospitals live on and babies still arrive! So, I spent most of the night and day shoveling, shoveling and shoveling my car out so that despite the blizzard warnings and closings I could be a loyal employee and good citizen to my community by arriving at the hospital for duty!! I slipped in a few sledding/snowboarding runs with the kiddos though just for fun :)