Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{Our Newest Addition}

This little guy is named Jack. Well,.... that's the name he came with, but we were thinking we kind of like Bruiser. Jack seems like it's kind of sticking though and it's REAL fun,.... Jack 2000, Jack Sparrow, Jackie Chan, Jack Daniels, Jack in the Box, Jackie Brown, Jack McFarland,....., so we really aren't sure about the name yet. Any opinions??? Jack?? Bruiser??
He is a full Miniature Pinscher and weighs about 10ish pounds. He's SUPER spunky, curious and a bit sneaky. He is getting along fine with our zoo of a household, however he is the last animal baby for a very, very long time. I wouldn't mind maybe a little less furry baby,... maybe of the human kind :)


  1. so cute!!! Jack is pretty catchy

  2. Very cute! I like Jack - he looks Jack-ish! Jack Kerouak, Jack-be-nimble, flap Jack - Jack is pretty fun.

  3. Does someone have baby fever? :)