Saturday, November 6, 2010


Okay, okay,.... I KNOW!!! I really have no excuse for my absence, really. Just lost track of things for a bit. I could blame it on the "winter blues" but we aren't so far into the "winter" yet that I don't think that would really fly. So,... here I am now and I have a few things to catch up on. Unfortunately, none of them are craft related, mostly just photography and a little trip home to Texas,.... but I will try not to disappoint if you will forgive me for falling off the planet for a little while. :)



This little guy is Ethan. His mom works with me and we ran out for a quick photo shoot a few weeks ago. Isn't he just an adorable little man!?!?!


He didn't love this little fall set up and this is really the only picture I got of him sitting in the chair. I would love to try this again because it's just so stinking cute!!! These pictures were taken in the same park as Amy & Arek's pictures, just in a different area.


There is a little garden near the park entrance that we played in for a while too in some Ravens gear.


Stay tuned,... I have some lost time to make up for :)

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