Saturday, November 6, 2010

{Locks Of Love}

It was time for a CHANGE!!!
Before & After

My hair had not been cut since March (the last time I went to Texas) and it had grown all the way to my waist. I made my hair appointment when I knew I was going home and was SO ready for this big cut.


Believe it or not, my brother met me out for my hair appointment so he could take pictures for me!!! Thanks Matt!!!

This pony tail that I'm holding up is about 11 ish inches. I decided before I went that if I was planning on cutting off my hair, I was going to donate it, and I believe Locks of Love requirement is like 10 inches,.... so there you have it.

Chop Chop

Snip Snip




And,... ta da!!

I am loving my new shorter hair. The cut didn't really phase me much, I was just ready to get it CUT!!! My 11 inch pony tail will go out in the mail next week.

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