Friday, February 25, 2011

{23 Hours to Texas from Maryland}


It's been a while huh?? So,.... two and a half weeks ago Tom and I made the 23 hour journey from Maryland to Texas! Needless to say, the trip back to Texas was WAY less torturous than the trip from Texas to Maryland almost 5 years ago. I don't think I ever explained this story, so,..... we hired movers to load, move and unload my stuff in MD. They turned out to be uber shady and showed up like THREE DAYS late! We turned them away when they tried to charge us double what we were quoted AND tried to tell us that it would take over 30 days before my stuff would be delivered. We got a UHaul, loaded it up pretty late in the afternoon and Tom took off in the UHaul with me behind him in my car with my little kitty Chance. I Don't remember exactly how long it took, but I'm thinking like 3 or 4 days,.... in June,.... with no AC in the UHaul (poor Tom). It was miserable.


This time was a little better planned. We loaded my car with essentials I might need over the next six weeks, i.e. clothes, undies, socks,... fabric, sewing machine, baby items, plants, our fancy dishes, cake plates,..... you know, the IMPORTANT stuff ;) Then we took off early in the morning on a Saturday with our kitties Cecilia and Audrey. These pictures are of Audrey, she was pretty confident in the car and posted herself up as our Co-Pilot for a good portion of the ride.

Passed OUT

When she wasn't looking out for traffic jams, she was perfectly happy sleeping in the sun on top of the mounds of "very important stuff" I PROMISE Cece was in there too, she wasn't quite as sure about the ride as Audrey was, but she made it and she is perfectly happy in Texas.


Tom did all the driving (thank goodness) and I got to relax and sew while he "blue steel'd" for pictures. How many Hexagons do you think you can sew on a 23ish hour car ride,..... well, I didn't exactly count, but it's a LOT! :) Progress was moving quickly on the hexagon quilt I started a million years ago.


Anyway, we made it! After stopping Saturday night in Nashville, sneaking our kitties into the hotel and spending some time in the AWESOME hotel bar (drinking water), we got to Texas Sunday night,.... right on time! I have been here living with my parents and kitties for almost three weeks and Tom headed back to MD the day after we got here to get our house, things and work ready to go! Our house is leased (which is a little bittersweet), we have found a temporary home here in DFW, we have movers (of the NON-sketchy variety) coming at the end of the month to pack, load and deliver our belongings AND the BEST part is that the pooches are still in MD which makes Cece (and me) quite happy for now. :)

I have been working on Cash Monkey's crib quilt,.... slowly, but surely,... and I will post some peeks later of what I have so far. I literally hunted down enough fabric for like FIVE quilts,... but I'll start with the one for now.


I am on my way out for a nice walk in this BEAUTIFUL Texas weather!

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  1. That picture of Audrey is too cute! So glad to hear that you found a tenant for the Baltimore house!