Saturday, April 30, 2011

{Better Late Than Never,..???}


Happy Easter!!!



Funny story,... kinda. So, I bought these beautiful egg "wrappers" the last time I went to NYC from this super cute little Ukrainian store. I have been holding on to them for dear life this whole time waiting,.............. and waiting,......... for Easter.

I even packed them in the car when the Mr. and I drove here in February so I knew that they would be here for Easter egg decorating.

And then I lost them.

I was SO mad! It is actually pretty embarrassing how mad I was about these silly egg thingies. I had my Mom searching her house, I was searching mine,.... nothing.

Not until Easter day anyway. I walked into my parents house and went to a bag that I had left over there with some fabric and sewing supplies and VOILA!!! There they were. Now my Mom was mad,.... Mom: "Man! I could have totally been the hero!"

So here they are,... I just finished them up today, only 5 days after the Easter holiday. There was NO way I was going to wait to make these until next Easter. :) SO,... I hope you all had wonderful Easter holidays with your families. :)


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