Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{The Big Apple}

On the Mega Bus

On Saturday, Me, Tom, Megan & Kyle woke up at the break of dawn, grabbed some very large coffees and hopped on the 7:20am Mega Bus into New York City. About three hours, coffee that we had to ditch before actually getting on the bus, sitting with strangers and nearly an entire iPod battery later,... we were in The Big Apple.

Street Vendors
Street Vendors

NYC Streets
City Street Signs


Falun Dafa
Falun Dafa

Crazy Building
Cool Build,....
wait,... Falun Dafa????
Yes, that's right, 法輪大法. They were right in the middle of the streets too! Interesting city that NY is. :) I did get a pamphlet about it, but it was in Chinese, and I can't read Chinese so I'm not entirely sure why they were in the middle of the streets, but I think it has something to do with , & .

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  1. I love NYC and miss living there so much! What beautiful picture of the Big Apple!

    Liesl :)