Thursday, September 2, 2010

{A Bib For Sofie}

Bib 1
At my sister-in-laws baby shower, she received this pack of like 10 bibs. Very basic, terry cloth bibs. About 5 of them had holiday prints on them and the other 5 were solid, no print. I stole them to jazz up for the upcoming baby. I had to wait quite a while (even though I KNEW it was going to be a girl!), but I think I came up with something pretty cute!!
Bib 1 Detail
This is just the first one that I've completed. I just cut these little petals out of charm squares with steam-a-seam on the back, adhere with the iron, then I just did a little bit of simple stitching to fancy it up (and reinforce). Cute huh??? I'm off to get working on the rest. I'll be sure to share when I'm done.
Bib 1
Any FAB Labor Day plans??? What's everyone got going on??? It's going to be a fun weekend here in the Lathroum house! We are having visitors from Texas, Megan & Kyle. Saturday we will be spending in NYC (what a fun picture taking opportunity!). Sunday we plan to run around town taking pictures of the love birds and just goofin around before heading to a BBQ Sunday night. Monday,... well, we are having a CRAB FEAST with a group of great people. I. Can't. Wait.


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