Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Carnegie Deli, NYC}

I was considering leaving this wordless and letting the pictures speak for themselves,...but alas, I do think an explanation is in order here.
Carnegie Deli
While in NYC, we stopped for lunch at Carnegie Deli. Okay, okay, we didn't exactly "stop in". We had to wait in a really long line to eat there, but I'd say after the angry old ladies in front of us stepped out of line, it was well worth it. :)

Carnegie Deli

We received this lovely assortment of pickles for a pre-lunch munchie. Hmmm,... not really sure about these. Notice, there are a few in there that were bitten, and returned to the plate.
Pickle "Appetizer"

This is MY sandwich. I know what you're thinking, but rest assured, these people called it a sandwich. Corned Beef on rye with swiss, coleslaw and dressing to be exact. I think this was actually intended for like three lunches or maybe three people.

But no, I managed to finish mostly all of my sandwich all on my own! (minus a slice or two of the beef).

When you eat here with four people, you will be seated at a 6 person table where they will also seat a party of two. Yeah, FAMILY STYLE! :)

We were all completely amazed by this ridiculously HUGE food! This is an egg sandwich that one of our neighbors dined on. (looking so scrumptious, I might give that a try next time,... once I'm hungry again).
Egg Sammie

And this was also one of our neighbors sammies. Or, whatever you like to call this. (later a BLT went walking by and had like 2 lbs of bacon,.... I'm from Texas,... not EVERYTHING is bigger there).

Oh, after we totally gorged ourselves on pickles and giant, mutant sandwiches we proceeded to stretch our bellies further with DESSERT. WHAT?!?!?!
New York Cherry Cheesecake


and a little chocolate mousse and cherries thrown in there too!
NY Cheese Cake/Choc Mousse cake


It didn't stand a chance.
It's a new week people. (wish it was a new weekend). ;)

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