Saturday, September 25, 2010

{Deep Creek}

Into The Mountains
Heading into the mountains

Last weekend the husband and I drove out to Deep Creek Lake to spend some time with some of his friends from college. I had never been there before, and it was beautiful!

Into the Mountains
In the country.

Corn :)
I'm actually pretty impressed with this picture. We were in the car going probably like 100 knowing my husband, and without a flash, I was able to get a nice focused image. (not that it wasn't bright enough)

Hi! :)

Deep Creek
-cue dueling banjos-

It's not like I haven't ever seen NATURE... but it's been a while since I've seen it like this. We live in the city and rarely even leave. It was beautiful!

Yet another picture of my feet which my husband would say are pretty ugly. I have "finger toes". :) They are really long. Anyway, back to what this picture is really about... the MOSS! So at the house we were staying, you walk into the "backyard" and down to the water,... the whole area was covered in moss and acorns. It looked fake, like there should be fairies and gnomes hopping around sprinkling glittery dust and making things grow. :)


More moss

You get the point

Just a neat picture taken from a hammock.

Hi Tom. :)

The sparkly lake

Fall is beginning

While it doesn't get quite 30 degrees here in the city at night yet, I believe it did in the mountains. We ended the evening with a nice warm fire.

Well,... the men ended the evening trying to climb a branch-less tree with bare feet. Men......

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  1. Jess! OMGooodness. Your pics are amazing and I especially love these latest ones. You can almost smell the leaves and oak trees. Asolutely beautiful. You have come so far in your photography. I like the pic o the ground. You TOE-tally rock! and your toes are cute too!LOL!