Thursday, January 19, 2012

{Ryan, Natalie & Weston}

Grand Adventure

Oh hi! :)

A couple weeks before the holidays I took some pictures of an old friend and her growing family! Natalie grew up next door to me in Texas, in fact, I used to BABYSIT HER! And now she's having a baby! I. Am. Old. Awesome.




OH, let's not forget Duncan & Lola, the pups!


Congrats to Ryan & Natalie and little baby Weston!

I mentioned that I had some holiday projects to post about, but I'm not entirely sure I took pictures of everything. So, here's the shortened run-down... New quilted stockings, handmade paper ornaments, lots of crocheting (it hits me every winter), old WIP's, new Etsy items, tactile baby blankets, a mini quilt... that's all I can think of for now. And even after all that (and even more new WIP's than I started with) the wish list of projects continues to grow. A car trash bag, tote bag, table runner, curtains, aprons, clothes,... and on, and on.....

And the husband wants me to fix pants and sleeves. Doesn't he know how BUSY I am???!! ;)

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