Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{"Winter" walk}


Upon returning from Maryland for a long holiday, we discovered some BEAUTIFUL weather!! Cash & I took this walk about two weeks ago and the temp this day was about 70 degrees and as you can see, beautiful skies!! I want to go on record and say that this is not typical Texas winter weather! It does actually get cold here. No really! I wasn't living here last year, but there was snow!

It was the perfect day for a walk with the boy and some photography!

Mistletoe collage

There has been a MISTLETOE INVASION here!!! Amongst all the dead, brown, lifeless trees are patches of beautiful, green, vibrant mistletoe! Is this happening all over the country? I didn't do any research on this or anything, but I am a little curious why it randomly grows from these dead trees?!?! We actually discovered this a year or two ago when we were here visiting. Quite the phenomenon,.... or maybe not?? Do you have mistletoe growing near you?

Mistletoe Invasion
kiss kiss ;)


We were surrounded by all kinds of cool things. It's not the first time we've taken this walk, but it's always different and I always find new things. (for some reason I must have a slight obsession with moss??? Weird)

winter collage

Broken Fence

Lens Flare

I was finally able to get a bit of lens flare in the picture above! I LOVE it! I have struggled trying to get pictures with flare,.... I guess it has to do with where the sun is in the sky??? Anyone have any tricks for getting lens flare?? It's just pretty!

Speaking of the SUN, I am so thankful for the longer days!

Blue Eyes

Big blue eyes is 8 months old! TODAY! It's seriously been an entire 8 months since this little guy was born?!?!? He is, no lie, the size of a 1 year old! Such a big boy!

At 8 Months Cash is:

STILL teething!!! When are those things going to come IN!?!?
Crawling at warp speed all over the house
LOVING his animals. Just the sight of them makes him giggle
A bit of a mama's boy
Sleeping straight through the ENTIRE NIGHT!! 11 WHOLE hours!
Pulling himself up to standing on chairs & ottomans

He is so much fun!! (and so much work) The light of my life!! I wish I could just go back to 8 months ago, just for a minute, and hold my little tiny baby boy again!

Happy Cash

Please pay no attention to the skeleton jammies he wore on our warm "winter" walk.

Sewing,... yes, there has been a very little bit of sewing going on right now. Cash was sick for a while, I've been kind of lazy since the holidays, then I was sick. I am hoping to get back into the groove and have some new things for the shop soon. I am even planning on a couple paper items! You know, to go with the "paper" part of Paper Box Quilt Co. :) Stay Tuned.


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