Monday, June 4, 2012

{Fight Like a Girl...}

Ruby for Sara

I recently had the pleasure of making this beautiful quilt for a special lady.  A close friend of mine requested a custom order for her brother's girlfriend who is currently fighting breast cancer. I was so happy that she asked me to help her with a gesture that, though small in the grand scheme of things, might bring Sara the smallest bit of warmth, comfort and love.

The whole time I worked on this quilt, I was closed off in my sewing room with my headphones on, completely at peace.  Maybe it was because I was thankful for having a healthy wonderful family.  Or because I felt like maybe, this quilt I was putting my heart & soul into was going to make a difference in someone's life.  Or maybe because I was hoping that Sara would be able to wrap herself in this quilt during her painful, ugly treatments and feel the strength of the three beautiful women that gifted this to her.  I got choked up on more than one occasion during the making of this quilt and even shed a few tears.  (I'm feeling a little choked up right now in fact.)  I have had the pleasure of meeting Sara, and I am sending warm thoughts and prayers out to her and her family.  Thanks to Megan, Pat & Thayer for their strength, beauty and support.

The fabric line is Ruby by Bonnie & Camille (a fav!) and the pattern is Ruby, Pearl & Opal from the Moda Bake Shop.  I sent my friend a few different options off the MBS website and in the end we decided on this pattern, using the same fabric.  (it's perfectly girly,... and has just the right amount of PINK!)
Ruby for SAra


On a lighter note,... as I was having the "photo shoot" for this quilt, my husband came dancing in and virtually DEMANDED a photo!  ;)

Mr. (to Cash) - "Let's see what Mommy is doing, I think she's having a nerdy photo shoot."
enter husband and baby son.
"Yup, It's a quilt photo shoot."


"This one is definitely going on the blog!"

MR. - "I hope so!"
Exit husband and baby son.

Ruby for Sara

Fight Like A Girl

Sara has an online journal and at the end of each entry, her sign off is "fight like a girl."  Megan requested that I include that on the back of the quilt and I think it ended up looking beautiful.


It may not represent a very beautiful time in her life, but I hope Sara will treasure it for a very long time and always have it near.



  1. It's really a very beautiful quilt! A perfect gift. She will most certainly be touched and encouraged by it....When I went through b.c. myself several years ago, I was given crocheted afghans by two lovely women, and I treasure them to this day. You never forget the kindness behind it.

  2. Oh, and I just noticed how you wrapped it. Ahh, Jessie, you have such a eye for pretty things. She's going to be so touched.

  3. It turned out more beautiful than I ever could have imagined! Thanks for your talent, but more importantly your heart, soul, and years of friendship

  4. What a beautiful creation. You are truly talented and such a great friend and sister:)