Thursday, June 14, 2012


WEll,... uhhh,... I started yet another project.  I'm a little embarrassed, but this one seems to be coming together quickly enough so hopefully it won't end up in the bottom of my sewing room closet like my other crochet WIPs.  I had put together a few granny squares from leftover bits of yarn and while surfing the interwebs for a tutorial on how to "connect-as-you-go" I found CROCHET HEXAGONS!!  Yes, CROCHET hexagons.  These are just as, if not more, addicting than the quilted kind.  I just can't seem to stop,... which I guess is okay since I am currently in a sewing rut.  I have little ambition to sew right now, so, maybe by the time this gets finished up, I'll be ready to get back to working on a silent auction donation, like 4 gifts and Etsy quilts.

Anywho, I have been kind of documenting my progress on Instagram, and, well, here it is.  (I'm Insidethepaperbox on Instagram btw,... or you can probably search my name, Jessie Lathroum.  If you're interested in following along) :)

Uh oh... These hexagons might be just as fun as the quilted kind...

I. Can't. Stop.

Bits. #crochethexagons



Crochet hexagons

Anyone getting tired of #crochethexagons yet??

55 hexagons

It's groooooowwwwing! #crochethexagons


Playing w my hexies

Crochet hexagons

Crochet hexagons

Had to go out for more white today. #crochethexagons

More. Hexagons.

In case you're interested, I am using THIS TUTORIAL and all 100% cotton yarn,... some Sugar & Cream and some Peaches & Creme.



  1. Love all those happy colors surrounded by the fresh white. One of these days I must learn how to crochet. It's one of those skills I wish I'd learned as a kid so it would be second nature now.

  2. Thanks for including the tutorial - this is gorgeous. I love your color choices.

  3. Great colors!! I want to learn how to crochet!! Bucket list item for sure!!