Thursday, April 18, 2013

{Sewing Summit, 2013}


Tickets went on sale this week!  Who's going?!?!  I sure am.  I MAY have been stalking the registration page on the Sewing Summit website all morning and my ticket MAY have been purchased at about 11:02am (they went on sale at 11am)  But I'm totally cool about it.  Not overly excited.  (Eeeeeeek!)   I can't wait to meet and sew with so many people in this online sewing community that I've never met in person.  Also, this will be my first time leaving my little boy overnight/for longer than just the day.  Right now, I'm good with it.  I might be a nervous wreck when it's time to leave.

Who else is going??


  1. I'm going! Can't wait. Saying goodbye to your little guy will be hard but you will be ok once you get there!


  2. If you want to go I have a ticket for sale. contact me, thanks, Lori