Thursday, January 7, 2010

{Present Parade}

It was a pretty eventful holiday this year! Tom and I travelled back to Texas for Christmas on Dec. 23, and our bags are STILL sitting in the entry way (but that's a whole other post). We only spent a few days in Texas but it. was. busy! Lots of little kids and errands, baking, gingerbread houses, presents, presents, stockings, playing, and presents. I thought I would just share some of the beautiful things I received this year. Above, is a super cute new cake plate that I received from a "Secret Santa". I got lucky getting that Secret Santa didn't I, because clearly they know me very well!!
So, I also asked for scissors. Here is the thing with me and scissors. I feel like I can never find the right pair when I need to cut paper vs. fabric vs. string or plastic, etc. You know what I mean? And I cut a lot of fabric and string and paper,... thats what I do. I have ruined so many pairs, and my husband takes them outside to trim trees,... then they die.

SO, I have promised myself that I will keep scissors of all kinds in the right places throughout the house, and my husband is not to touch any of them. ;) My dear mother got me the Gingher's (the black ones on the top). They are the lightest fabric scissors EVER. She used to own a pair (that I was NOT allowed to touch as a kid) and now I have my very own! My mother-in-law got me an awesome set of all purpose scissors and she got me the edging scissors below. So, I'm pretty sure I am good now with scissors, and I have taken an oath to keep them in nice condition!

Since my husband has eleventy siblings, we totally draw names and it is so much fun and works out so nicely! We have done it for 3 or 4 years now and its fun every time.
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My sister-in-law, Gina got me this year and she hooked me up! She got me the awesome hand painted 12 Days of Christmas ornaments above from The Land Of Nod. (Love them!!) She got me Grey's Season 1, which I have already watched (guilty) and she also added to the growing collection of cake plates with the beautiful one above by MARTHA! Love her.
This year we decided to draw names with my brothers and their wives as well. Again, totally fun. I think every family should do this. My sister-in-law, Jessica got me and she too HOOKED IT UP!! I gave each of her children paper boxes when they were born and so she got me some cute new embellishments. So thoughtful! And the super cute note cards,... yeah, awesome. There were several other items in there also, among them a scarf that I have worn everyday since I got back to MD and a fun new party game.

Mom & Dad also made sure to get me BONES,... I LOVE BONES (actually, I LOVE BOOTH).

And finally, I have been fascinated by Anne Frank and her story since I was a kid so my Mom got me this really cool book all about her with TONS of amazing real pictures I didn't even know existed.
WOW,... that's a lot of loot! Thanks to everyone for the beautiful gifts, including the ones not pictured here (only because they weren't conveniently placed for the "photo shoot" as my husband refers to my random, frantic bursts of photography). Hey, its almost Friday, and we are supposed to get more snow, yay!!


  1. Looks like a very eventful Christmas! Love the gift swap idea with siblings and spouses... do you guys set a limit of $$ for the recipient?

  2. Groovy! I remember reading the Diary of AF, and it was so moving, I had no idea there were so many photos of her.