Thursday, January 28, 2010


My husband said he was fine with me posting these pictures,.... I wonder how his brother will feel about it???? hee hee. The one above is my favorite. We are still trying to figure out what Tom(in the blue suit on the left) is dressed as.... any guesses from you guys???

Obviously,... Batman and Robin below. I believe they were the dynamic duo for Halloween several years.

This is Christmas time. LOOOOOOOVE the sailor suits. I wonder if his mother still has those.......

Easter, another wonderful suit choice. MY mother actually has a picture of me and my two brothers when we were very young on her WALL (still) and my brothers had on these exact same suits.
This was 1999. They are so cute. :)

Matt(left) is getting married this weekend to a wonderful woman, can't wait to party! Congrats to Matt & Jess!!

I plan to return to my regularly scheduled blogging soon(sorry for the less than creative posts of recent). I have a quilt to finish and I am making time to do it!!!!!!!!

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