Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{Dirty Blonde}

My latest author, Lisa Scottoline, has done it again in Dirty Blonde. In this book a newly appointed Federal Judge, Cate Fante, finds herself in the middle of law, scandal, murder and sex. It's a great read, I definitely recommend it. I think I will try Daddy's Girl next. Share your latest reads, any recommendations??? Let me know, I'm always open to something new!! (or old, whatever)

Are you people having a good week?? I just have to tell you that along with the TWO afghans I am currently working on (and running out of yarn for) I am also working on like three quilts, some hexagons, some dishcloths, a paper box,..... what is wrong with me? I get bored working on the same thing for too long, then have to work on something else and go back to the original project later. Does anyone else have like eleventy projects in the works at once?? Anyway, I hope to show you some pictures, maybe it will motivate me to actually finish one of them. ;)

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