Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{My Art Space}

So, bare with me, this is kind of an ongoing process. This is my art room. I would be lying if I said this is where all the magic happens. This is where PART of the magic happens. If I can be working on a project that I can take to the couch or sit on the bed and do, I'm there. This is where the sewing and storage goes down.
I bought this table on Craigslist for $100 and got to work painting right over the ugly country blue legs and oak top. I know what you're thinking,... it's awesome. You're right, it is, thank you! It's the perfect spot for my sewing to happen.
A few weeks ago I added a little red table lamp, wonderful black & white toile-ish chair and these wall shelves for some storage. It's coming together.
Since our house is uber tiny, this room also doubles as a closet/office. Since this used to be a guest room, everything blended a little nicer, but instead of storing my husbands clothes in the dirt dungeon basement I decided he could keep that dresser. ;) On the wall that I am shooting from is currently a leaning shelf/desk that will be moving to the other side of the dresser. Along this new empty wall will go a new piece from Ikea. It is black at the moment, but I'm working on making it white. What piece of furniture ONLY comes in RED or BLACK?? Only Ikea. It's really hit or miss there sometimes. It's insane to paint a perfectly good, brand new piece of furniture right?? Well, I'm gonna let you in on a secret. It's a good one, so please don't spread it around,.... I"M CRAZY. That's what I do, potentially ruin brand new furniture. I LOVE it.
Poor, poor Cecilia. She HATES our new dog Jack and has been hating our other cat Audrey since we got her,.... A YEAR AGO!! Cece has become the upstairs cat and Audrey the downstairs cat. Since the arrival of Jack, Cece ONLY stays in the art room. It's the only place she can go where Jack can't get to her and serve her up for dinner. She's good company though, when she's not trying to lay on the quilt that I'm stippling or the fabric I'm cutting.

I'm about to go cut into that lovely pile of most delicious fabric while you all are wishing you were too. ;) This is soon to be/currently ongoing/one of like I'd say 34 WIP's hexagon quilt. :)

XOXO -Jessie


  1. I too have a dedicated workroom (although not at light filled and tidy as yours) but as with you I often end up working at the kitchen table or from the sofa where I can, particularly evenings and weekends as it's so much more sociable and it means I can dip in and out of stuff more frequently during the day!

  2. What a pretty space, Jessie! Great light for creating things and I love the curtains, clock and the table!

  3. Love your sewing and crafting room. Very cute and mod.


  4. Pretty, pretty! Please share the color of the paint you used on your table.