Sunday, October 30, 2011

{Happy First Birthday Will}

ombre cake

Wow,... this has been a long time coming! I took these pictures at a first birthday party like 2 or 3 months ago! Falling behind much?? Have you seen any 5 month pictures yet?? No? Yeah.

Anyway, I digress, PARTY. WOW! Isn't it beautiful?? Right up my alley, from the COLOR (hello!) to the awesome 5 tier ombre cake to the candy "buffet", the BUNTING!,... I can go on and on! I was so lucky to photograph this party!


You might have noticed that I have kind of changed things up a little on my blog,... just a little. Lots of collages. So, I wanted to fit more pictures into my posts (as if I needed to put MORE pictures) without stringing them along,... one,... at,... a,... time. You know? I just have such a hard time narrowing them down. MORE pictures!!! :)

sweet treats

For instance,.... I took several angles of these treats,.... and I like them all, I couldn't decide, so here they ALL are!


Life is sweet


Marshmallow pops, didn't have any, but HOW CUTE!? Banana whoopie pies (I ate two. To make up for not eating the marshmallow) Cake batter rice crispy treats?? YUM. YUM.

Party collage

Everything was perfect. Down to the matching birthday outfit!!



CAKE SMASH!!!! (there is frosting on his leg,... I'd say that was a success!)


thank you

And to top it all off,.... cake-in-a-jar party favors! WHAAT?? I can't handle any more adorable-ness.

I hope you all had a great weekend! The weather here was BEAUTIFUL but it was still pretty lazy around here! Can't wait to take the little one out for some tricks and treats tomorrow! Pictures on that soon!

By the way,... it took me allllllllllll day to create this post, not entirely sure why. I fell asleep last night editing photos (at 8:30 I need to add, yes, 8:30. On a Saturday night. Lame). I worked on this post between a little sewing, a little grocery shopping, a semi-home-cooked dinner, some strained green beans which neither me nor Cash were too fond of, Scream 4 and Bridesmaids. Here I am finishing up over 24 hours later. Again, I don't know why. :)



  1. That cake is amazing! And those favors...I die!

  2. Such beautiful photos!!
    Love the cake, the cake in a jar and the cake smash!