Monday, October 10, 2011

{The State Fair of Texas}

Ferris wheels

I spent the day at the Texas State Fair Friday with Cash and my sister-in-law. Believe it or not,... after living in Texas for about 20 years I NEVER went to the State Fair!!! Man was I missing out! I think I might plan on this being a yearly adventure. I didn't ride one ride, but the fried fair food consumption more than made up for that! Not to mention, some of the coolest pictures!! What is so magical about giant spinning wheels, flying swings, galloping horses on poles and hot dogs fried in cornbread batter???

Fun House

Haunted House


Big tex
This is "Big Tex" who is NOT magical but in fact extremely creepy. He is like a million feet tall and HIS MOUTH MOVES!! Ewe.

Can someone explain how this is possible??? A third of a man on a pole?? I have no idea. He said his grandchildren were working at Jack in The Box,... as antenna balls. :)

Fried Butter?
Seriously?? How do you think they do that. As if butter isn't unhealthy enough as it is. How about fried cheesecake, beer, pickles (yum), ice cream, oreos.... the list goes on, and on,... and on.

Lucky 7

And of course,... the quilts. I was actually surprised, there weren't too many, BUT they were beautiful! I am actually considering entering one next year, IF I can get one done in time. Janome was also there with ALL their awesome machines! Wish I could have taken one home.

Anything fun happen in your weekend??

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  1. How fun! Ive gone twice and really enjoyed it!! I really want to go again this year! Great pictures!